Denim Care 101

how to care for your designer jeans

Denim season is here, and we have all been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans.  Hopefully, our previous denim posts on your must-have jeans for fall and answers to all of your denim styling questions have lead you to the holy grail of the perfect pair of denim.  But now that you have taken the leap and pulled the trigger on a pair of premium denim, you might be left wondering how in the world you should care for them to keep your investment looking brand new wash after wash.  There is so much confusion and so many myths about the right way to wash and care for your jeans.  Today we are solving all those problems for you.  We have invited Patric, the laundry fanatic behind The Laundry Evangelist, to share with you everything you ever needed to know about how to properly launder your jeans.

The Secret to Caring For Your Jeans

Denim Myths

Premium Denim: Worth the Investment

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Holy Buckets! Vodka on my jeans??!! Great to know it’s becoming a household name! ?
I am definitely going to have to try that trick! Love it❤️!

Where has Patric been all my life!? Love him and all of this great info!! ? FYI, noticed that the subtitles in the Laundry Myths video have multiple mentions of MINORS that are intended to be MINERS ?LOL. Perhaps you are already aware. ?

Very informative!

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