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Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. Always send a handwritten thank-you. From the little ways we experience the world to the (beauty) habits we form and relationships we build, Mom’s influence touches everything! To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked our team to share the meaningful, impactful and uplifting advice they’ve received from the moms, grandmas and all-around ah-mazing women in their life—and the verdict is in: mama knows best.

I recently got the best advice from a mentor of mine who sits on the EVEREVE board. She told me that a mom’s job when she has adult children is simple: be their number one fan. My daughter, Allison (pictured above!), is graduating from college this month so this advice is especially relevant to me. From now on, my only job is to cheer her on! Megan Tamte, co-Founder & co-CEO

Before every soccer game, big test at school, job interview and all the little events in between, my mom always says, be a rock star. It became somewhat of a family motto years ago when we hosted a foreign exchange student, and he was confused about how you can literally be a rock star at everything you do. My mom explained that it’s not about playing the guitar and head-banging but doing your best and working your hardest in whatever the situation. —Maggie, Buying Team Coordinator

My mom taught me how to break down something big and overwhelming into something small and manageable. When I was in college, in over my head with end-of-semester stuff, she called me every hour to coach me through one task at a time. I would hang up the phone, get that one task done, and she would call me again the next hour to take on the next thing. We would do this all day until I felt accomplished and no longer stressed. A few years ago when we were preparing for a big move, we walked through the same pattern together. It’s a technique that I go back to regularly to get through tough stuff, and I’m starting to teach it to my own kids. —Karrie, Regional Director of Stores

Whenever it came time for me to begrudgingly do my chores growing up, my mom would say: a busy girl is a happy girl—like that was going to change my attitude toward vacuuming or doing the dishes! But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that her words are so true. I’m much happier with a life filled with activity… especially meaningful activity! But I can still pass on vacuuming! —Kelly, VP of Talent

My grandma always said that if you dress well, you will feel well—and naturally exude confidence. She believed in lipstick, sunglasses and a great pair of shoes, and she encouraged us to play, giving us permission to dig into in her jewelry box and closet. My fondest memories are dressing up in her clothes and walking to the Dairy Queen for giant vanilla soft serve cones. Lipstick and ice cream make life more fun—and in “breaking the rules” a little bit, my grandma made me feel like I could do anything!  —Jen, Office Coordinator

I remember one Christmas when I felt like I wasn’t going to get it all done. My kids were busy, work was busy—everything was busy. My mom told me not to worry about doing everything EVERY year. Christmas, traditions and the daily routine can look different every year, but still be just as meaningful. Ever since then, I’ve tried to let it go when I can’t get to all the things that I want to do. Who cares if all of the decorations don’t get up (and who is going to know other than you)? ? A great reminder to give yourself a pass now and again!—Sara, Merchandise Planner

My mom taught me the importance of pausing in the middle of the day to see and be buoyed by the simple pleasures that surround us. She has always delighted in finding a bird’s nest or seeing new growth poke through the earth in the spring—and through her words and actions, I’ve learned to appreciate fresh sheets on the bed, the smell of baking bread and the way sunlight hits the wall just so in the afternoon. —Melissa, Manager of Visual Merchandising

When I was struggling to make a decision about where to go to college, my grandma Emily told me: whatever you decide will be the right decision. Even if your choice is a “failure,” there’s always a lesson. It’s all about trusting your intuition; make the choice that feels right and make it work! Lindsey, Graphic & Web Designer

My mother is part Norwegian and part German, so deep mother/daughter talks were hard to come by. As she put it, people who come from where we do show their love by doing things for you, not by telling you. But her best piece of advice to me was to control the things that you can and let go of the things you can’t. I’ve learned not to stress about the things I can’t control, like what somebody might think of me, which in turn gives me more energy to focus on what I can control, like how I show up and what I can give to people. —Erin, Chief Brand Officer

My mom was very intentional about making our home a sanctuary—a place that helps the stress of life fade away. She always told us that if we want to light all our candles every night, do it! Plug in our twinkle lights before we even take our shoes off? Go for it. Never underestimate the power of warm lighting and your favorite music. It’s safe to say, my home now has an overabundance of candles, twinkle lights and hours logged on my Norah Jones Pandora station. ? —Mollie, Associate Copywriter

Pssst! Mother’s Day is May 12.
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