How to Wear a Ruana Wrap

When the weather cools and it’s time to hang up the shorts and rompers, you may be left wondering: now what do I wear? Ruanas are a chic and modern way to add an effortless pop of style to any outfit, especially in fall and winter.

You may be wondering, what is a ruana? A ruana is a thick, soft garment similar to a poncho that wraps around the body and drapes down to the knees. It also has a similar silhouette to a kimono, except kimonos tend to be made of a lighter fabric. Ruanas’ softness and warmth lend them perfectly to wear all year round—that extra layer when the AC is blasting, or when fall and winter weather come around. In this blog, we cover how to wear a ruana, and why they’re so awesome!


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Why Are Ruanas So Awesome?

Need a reason to try out a ruana? These stylish clothing pieces are a closet essential for many different reasons.

You Can Wear Them Throughout Most Seasons

When the weather is up and down (aka now), a ruana is the answer. We carry a range of fabrics, but most are a versatile mid-weight: light enough for the last few dog days and just warm enough when the air turns crisp. You can easily layer one over a sleeveless top or a denim jacket to get the right comfort level for any situation.

One Size Fits Most

Like a great pair of shoes, ruanas always look and feel good—even after an indulgent Taco Tuesday. Many of ours are one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about dressing room drama or wonder if the fit is right. Ruanas flatter all shapes; just look for one that is proportionate to you (longer if you’re taller, shorter if you’re petite).

Instantly Elevates an Outfit

We all need more pieces that pull double duty, and ruanas reign supreme. Whether you have a full day of travel ahead or a full day of meetings, a ruana completes your look. It will instantly elevate a simple jeans and tee ensemble for weekend errands and give your look a little bit of drama for date night.

Fits Most Budgets

Let’s be real—the kiddos’ back-to-school supply list was never-ending, so finding something for ourselves that doesn’t break the bank is a big win. Almost all of our ruanas are under $100, so you don’t have to think too hard about whether to go for it. Plus, they’re the definition of bang for your buck: a statement piece you can throw over anything, updating your look in one chic step.

Looks Great With Leggings

It’s Spanx season, friends, and ruanas are the perfect complement to your favorite pair. The beauty of Spanx is the hidden shaping and sculpting technology—so you look great no matter what—but form-fitting leggings can leave you feeling a little exposed. Just add your favorite ruana to get the extra coverage you crave without totally covering up. We dare you to find a more comfortable combination.

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How to Wear Your Ruana

Ruanas come in many silhouettes, prints, patterns and textures. No matter which wrap you choose, here are a few ways to style them:

1. Pair with Jeans or Cutoffs

While we love a go-to tank or graphic tee paired with jeans or cutoffs. Looking to spice up your everyday casual outfits? Throw a ruana over your favorite graphic tee for an intimate date night, or a casual work day! Ruanas are a great way to refresh and elevate your go-to outfits.

2. Throw Over Leggings

There are few things more luxurious than slipping on a pair of soft leggings and your favorite fuzzy slippers. If you’re a fan of comfy clothing, a ruana might be your perfect match. Add a ruana over leggings for a stylish yet blissfully soft and cozy outfit!

3. Layer On Top of a Denim Shirt or Jacket

Need a festive and stylish outfit just in time for fall weather and activities? Look no further, a ruana can layer perfectly over your favorite denim shirt or jacket. Whether you’re taking the family on an apple orchard adventure, or heading out with some girlfriends for happy hour, this is a great look for staying comfy in cooler temperatures.

4. Wear Over a Dress

If you’re wearing a dress out during the cooler months but don’t want to throw a basic jacket over, use a ruana instead! A ruana draped over a dress creates an elegant yet effortless look, without taking away from the fun of the dress itself.

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5. Dress it up With a Lace Cami

A lacy cami, some layered jewelry, and a pair of skinny jeans is an incredibly versatile and stylish outfit on its own. If you want to add another layer of style, throw on a ruana over your cami for a casual yet fun outfit. Wherever you find yourself in your ruana, you’ll bring a whole new level of effortless style to any occasion.

Ruana FAQ’s

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Can a ruana be styled for formal occasions, or is it only suitable for casual wear?

A ruana can indeed be styled for both casual and formal occasions. It all depends on the material and the outfit you’re pairing it with. For a formal event, opt for a silk or velvet ruana and pair it with a chic dress or a tailored pantsuit. Add a pair of heels and elegant jewelry, and you’ve got a sophisticated ensemble.

Are there any fashion accessories that can enhance the look of a ruana?

A fantastic ruana outfit isn’t complete without some accessories! If you’re dressing up with your ruana, pair with some layered necklaces and rings to add some bling to the look. If you’re dressing down, add your favorite floppy hat and a pair of comfy sandals to tie the outfit together. There is not a wrong way to accessorize a ruana, time to get creative and most importantly, have fun with it!

What is the difference between a poncho and a ruana?

A ruana and a poncho may seem similar, but there are key differences. Both are sleeveless and draped over the body, but a ruana is more like a wrap or shawl—it’s open in the front and often larger. On the other hand, a poncho is typically a single large piece of fabric with a hole for the head, and it often doesn’t have an opening in the front.

How big should a ruana be?

The size of a ruana largely depends on your personal style and comfort. However, a traditional ruana typically extends to about mid-thigh or knee-length and drapes generously over the shoulders. It’s intended to offer comfort, warmth, and freedom of movement while making a style statement.

Can you wear a coat over a ruana?

While you technically can wear a coat over a ruana, it might not be the most comfortable choice because of the extra clothing. A ruana itself is designed to function as an outer layer. If it’s very cold, consider layering a lightweight thermal top underneath your clothes before putting on your ruana.

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And there you have it! A ruana is not only a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe, but it also offers an effortless solution to transitioning between seasons. It’s a timeless piece that can elevate any outfit while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.

Now that we’ve shared some tips on how to style a ruana, it’s time to try them out yourself! Don’t have a ruana yet? No worries—we’ve got you covered. Visit our EVEREVE lookbook today to explore a variety of spring and summer outfits that fit your style.

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What’s the difference really between a kimono and ruana… one for fall and one for summer and spring?

Hi Rachel! Kimonos have sleeves and ruanas don’t technically have sleeves—it’s more of a poncho silhouette. And you’re right, kimonos are often made from lighter fabrics, while ruanas are a bit heavier and often better suited for fall and winter, depending on where you live and what you’re looking for. Are you rocking any favorites this fall?!

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