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Top 10 Reasons To Buy An E-Bike

Why going electric can lead to more joy!

The Perfect Fall Transition Shoe

August is the month I start thinking about fall footwear trends.

Introducing Rivet Utility

The "zip up and go" brand that makes me feel modern, strong and ready for my day.

Walking Is My Superpower

All about the daily practice that fuels my life.

Meet My Summer Office Uniform

I've discovered an outfit formula that makes dressing for the office super easy.

Welcome To Turning 50!

A new column by EVEREVE's Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Megan Tamte

New Trendsend Theme Boxes For Summer

If you’ve shopped with EVEREVE before, you probably know about Trendsend, one of the many ways to get styled with us. But if you’re new around here (welcome!), you might not know that you can get...

New Stores Opening Summer 2021

Happy Friday! We have good news to share as we head into the weekend. As we all know, the impact of the pandemic stretched far and wide—and retail stores were no exception. Government-mandated shutdowns...


Today we’re thrilled to launch a limited-time collaboration with Minneapolis-based streetwear brand 4 THE LOVE. Our co-founder Megan developed a friendship with 4TL founder Dave Wanpue and was inspired to design a sweatshirt together to support his...

Introducing Trendsend x AstroTwins

Do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) love looking up your horoscope every month? Whether or not you follow astrology, we’ve all experienced the phenomenon of the stars aligning—that feeling when everything falls into place and...