How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress: 3 Outfit Ideas

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collage of women wearing dresses and sneakers.

With warm weather comes spring dress season! But If you’re not quite ready to break out the sandals, opt for a chic pair of sneakers. Here, how to wear sneakers with a dress and outfit ideas for styling midi, mini and denim dresses for a variety of occasions. 

A Few Styling Tips…

Sneakers are inherently casual, so select a dress that’s casual, too (something too glam will look mismatched). We love comfy knit fabrics in modern cuts that will only look more cool paired with a sneaker. 

As far as sneakers, we don’t mean your athletic shoes. White sneakers have been trendy for years now, and are something we don’t imagine going away anytime soon. Investing in a quality pair will last you through seasons and look chic with dresses and denim alike—they’re a staple we always go back to. 

Girl’s Brunch: Denim Dress and Low Top

all white low top sneakers.
woman wearing denim dress.

This is the perfect brunch outfit: super on-trend but casual and effortless. The shorter dress length is best suited to a flat, while the chic texture gives this sneaker a little something-something. 

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Weekend Hussle: Midi or Maxi With a High Top

white sneakers with black laces.
woman wearing black midi dress.

Running errands or grabbing coffee with a friend? Try a comfortable cotton knit dress—the longer dress length is great for running around and looks cool with a high top sneaker. This style from P448 lends a little extra edge thanks to the black laces.  

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Date Night: Flowy Mini with a Stacked Platform

platform low top sneakers.
woman wearing striped dress.

Grabbing dinner on a patio? A flowy mini dress is feminine and romantic, while the slight stack on this platform elevates the sneaker style (literally and figuratively!) for a night out. Grab your favorite clutch and you’re out the door. 

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Sneaker With Dress FAQs

Have styling questions? We’ve got answers! Let’s dive in.

What type of dress works best with sneakers?

A variety of dress styles can be paired with sneakers, but generally, casual and relaxed dresses like shirt dresses, midi dresses, or maxi dresses tend to work best for a chic dress-and-sneakers combination.

Should I wear socks with sneakers and a dress?

It depends on your personal preference and the look you’re going for. If you want a more casual and effortless vibe, you can go sockless or wear no-show socks. However, if you prefer the added comfort or want to make a fashion statement, you can choose patterned or colorful socks.

How can I make my dress-and-sneakers outfit more stylish?

To elevate your dress-and-sneakers ensemble, consider adding some fashionable accessories like a statement belt, a crossbody bag, or layered necklaces. Experiment with mixing textures, patterns, and colors to create a visually interesting outfit.

Are there any specific sneaker styles that work best with dresses?

While there are no hard rules, classic white sneakers are a versatile choice that works well with various dress styles. However, feel free to experiment with different sneaker designs like platform sneakers, slip-on sneakers, or even colorful and patterned options to express your personal style.

Can I wear sneakers with a dress to a wedding?

Absolutely! If you have the right pair of sneakers, you can definitely wear them with a dress to a wedding. Opt for sleek and stylish sneakers in neutral tones or metallic finishes that can complement the dress and elevate your overall look. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between comfort, personal style, and respecting the formality of the event.

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