Your February Uniform: Sweatshirt + Straight-Leg Denim + Sneakers

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Happy Sunday! It’s a new month and we’re starting it right with a new look after a January that feels like it was a full 74 days long. The February Uniform = sweatshirt + straight-leg denim + sneakers and it’s the autopilot look you can throw on without thinking and know that what you’re wearing just works. This easy combination puts comfort first, which is just what you need while it’s still cold and kind of dreary out there. The fun part? Sweatshirts and sneakers both have fashion-forward new looks. Sweatshirts get an update with tie-dye, cut-outs, destruction and more, and sneakers have flashy new details like animal prints and glitter. And if you haven’t tried straight-leg denim yet, it’s time! The straight-leg is the must-have silhouette of the season. We love the fit (slightly more relaxed than your skinnies) and the cropped lengths. Wear the look everywhere from your Oscars viewing party to Presidents’ Day Weekend shopping. 

1. Start with a sweatshirt

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2. Pair with straight-leg denim

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3. Finish with fashion sneakers

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