Ray of Light: Stephanie Summerson Hall

Since middle school, Stephanie Summerson Hall had one goal: to become a lawyer. And for ten years she practiced corporate tax and business law. But another passion started brewing and becoming a mother solidified her growing interest in entrepreneurship. So she set two new goals: create a local brand with global reach and be present for her four children. Today, her luxury glassware company, Estelle Colored Glass, is a social media sensation experiencing triple digit growth, and she’s yet to miss a school conference. Here, she shares her inspiring second career journey and reminds us that it’s never too late to pursue a new passion. 

EE: Take us back to the beginning… 

SSH: I went to law school straight after undergrad and I did two clerkships with appellate judges, then went into practice in Washington DC. But I realized I was more excited about the business world. I delved into entrepreneurship, starting an event rental company while practicing law. But once that company was up and running, I needed a new outlet for my creative energy. 

EE: When did you realize your heart was no longer in law? 

SSH: We decided to move from DC back to my native South Carolina—we had three children then and wanted to raise them in a slower pace of life. It was a very difficult decision but when we left DC, I decided to no longer practice. My family was shocked—I was the first to go to law school and everyone was very proud of that. 

EE: And you found peace with your decision? 

SSH: The notion of starting over was very thrilling and exciting to me. I love challenges and bootstrapping something from ground zero keeps me hungry, it’s what gets me up and going. My determination really sustained me through rough times. 

EE: How did the idea for Estelle Colored Glass come about?

SSH: I was looking for glass pieces for my own home. I have memories of antiquing trips with my grandmother, Estelle, who collected and displayed things in her China cabinets—she loved to entertain and I wanted pieces to remind me of family dinners she would host. I assumed this sort of company existed but when I couldn’t find anything, a light bulb went off. Five years later, in October 2019, I launched the business. 

EE: You’ve had incredible success—what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

SSH: Be purposeful and give 100 percent. Nothing about Estelle Colored Glass is an accident, it’s the cumulation of my 17 years as a lawyer and entrepreneur. I had a failed business before Estelle Colored Glass, and those were the hardest lessons to learn but helped me further define the business I wanted to build. 

EE: What responsibility do you feel as a female leader? 

SSH: A big part of that intentionality was to be present with my children. Flexibility is very important and I’m in a place of influence to create that environment. My company supports policies like working from home—a mother can multitask and do 10 other things while at home! 

EE: How does fashion play into your life?

SSH: I’m drawn to and inspired by color. If I’m at an event, I like to be on-brand and wear something colorful; when you walk into a room, color helps you make yourself known. If it’s just me, I’m probably in a neutral, like black or white. I don’t like anything too froufrou! I’m in a phase of life now where I don’t have a baby on my hip—my youngest is six—so I can take time to really get back into fashion; to present my best self. It’s such a mood boost— when you look good, you feel good. 

EE: What was your favorite look from the shoot? 

SSH: I haven’t taken that jean jacket off since I got it! I hadn’t worn a jean jacket in years, but now I’m wearing this one every day. It’s so comfortable, but with a little edge. It adds chicness—it’s the perfect finishing touch. Same with the green jacket. The looks are casual but I still feel pulled together which I love. 

EE: What does a forward-moving mindset mean to you? 

SSH: I am a goal setter—I think that’s so important. Even if you have a bad day or a bad month, keep working at your goal, let your strengths guide you and you’ll always move in the right direction.

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