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Really Really Good News: Good American is Here!

Happy Sunday, gang! We interrupt your weekend programming to bring you a very important wardrobe update: Good American is HERE. As we start thinking about fall and all the ways we want to update...
what jeans to wear, denim sale

The Denim Guide: What You Need to Refresh Your Collection Now

Happy Sunday, friends! First things first: there is a Hudson Jeans GIVEAWAY live on our Instagram today, so hurry over and enter to win if you haven’t yet! Our big Annual Denim Sale is...
kind campaign, the best jeans for fall

Kindness Is In Our Jeans

Exciting news today! For the next two weeks, we’re donating $10 from every pair of jeans purchased to the Kind Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to ending girl against girl bullying. The Kind Campaign brings...
denim problems solved

Your Denim Dilemmas, Solved

Real talk: denim is a beast. With what seems like an endless number of new brands, fits and washes hitting shelves every season, figuring out where to start is daunting. Just committing to the...
must have denim for fall

Must Have Denim for Fall

Fall. It holds such a sense of nostalgia, doesn’t it? Our classroom days are long over, but we still get caught up in the excitement of the season. The slate is clean, and the...